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Customer Experience Management

Business leaders worldwide recognize the importance of improving customer experience and engagement. They understand that happy customers equal longer customer engagement and greater lifetime value.
Customer experience management is the practice of designing and reacting to customer interactions.

Smart Realtime Marketing and Business Intelligence

Deliver multimedia content to your customers' mobile desktops at your exact locations or exhibits, in their language, in real time, intelligently, based on your set of predefined rules.

Then get real time statistics and reports on your desktop, based on your customer data, so that you always know what's going on, at all your locations, and can make smart decisions about your business.

Better, faster and cheaper than any alternative. Guaranteed.

So turn on the magic. Engage your customers with amazingly blissful experiences. By understanding their behavioural patterns and responding in real time you can increase the lifetime and lifetime value of your customer relationships.

Why LUCKYcx Customer Bliss?

Bliss is a state of perfect happiness. When your customers reach a state of perfect happiness, you have achieved Customer Bliss. We can help you to get them there.

LUCKYcx enables you to craft awesome, bespoke customer experiences. Come, take advantage of its features and unique design to dramatically improve customer engagement.

LUCKYcx combines the latest IOT device technology with mobile applications, hybrid cloud servers and advanced data analytics to present a very scalable, high availability Machine-to-Next™ platform that works for the smallest business, as well as the largest global enterprise.

LUCKYcx is incredibly affordable. Start today with our usage based all-inclusive rental program and zero capital expenditure.